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Why not to rely on short-cuts in Life?

Never rely on short-cuts in life

I’m 100% sure, we have used them at some point in time. We all know what short-cuts mean but I will try to tell you that they are an accelerated way of doing things in different contexts; good and bad.

Now, this is a thing of contexts : If you are using short-cut keys then shortcuts are beneficial for you ( No I’m not talking about (Ctrl C – Ctrl V ), there are many other useful shortcut keys as well.

Last time I mentioned about how rejection is important in one’s life. These are interrelated as ; even if you are rejected then also, you should not take short-cuts. Instead you should rely on your own-self.

But if you are using shortcuts in life then you just need to stop and think whether using them will result in long-term happiness and satisfaction?

Contexts and perspective matter everywhere.

So,Why do we rely on short-cuts?

Our young generation feels lonely without knowing the reasons,or may be we know the reason and do not want to accept something. Then we look for temporary things to overcome loneliness. Then suddenly comes a wave of happiness and after a while it is more gloomy than ever it was.

1. We want to achieve results we want as fast as possible .

Life is a journey and not a destination.

Ralph Waldo

We all have come across this quote which explains that life is all about enjoying the journey having struggles, loneliness , happiness and not about the destination. There is much more fun in the process rather than results.But we tend to forget this and want to reach destination as fast and early as possible.

I’m not saying not to be ambitious in life.However, there’s a difference between being ambitious and enjoying the process to reach your destination, and being ambitious and trying to take shortcuts to get to your destination faster.

2.We do not care about what our long term goal looks like , we just want satisfaction for the time being

Instead of working on the hurdles of our long term goal we tend to avoid them and not to eradicate them. But unfortunately, you avoid them and you are successful in doing that but next day that hurdle is again standing firm on its ground . You avoid it again and it shows up again. Why? Because you have settled for that short term satisfaction.

During this course, you never move ahead in life. You are stuck there only.

Even stagnant water is harmful , what about being stagnant as a human being?

My Living Lessons

So,why shouldn’t we rely on short-cuts?

1.To realize what it takes to reach your destination and how fulfilling it is.

First of all,we all know that shortcuts won’t stay for long and won’t take you ahead in life. This is the first reason why we should not rely on these temptations.

But what is more important is that not using shortcuts help us to go through all the phases of this beautiful journey ( struggles, pains , happiness , satisfaction , dissatisfaction ) And that is the beauty of life.

Life is a mixture of all these, isn’t it?

And after going through this tough journey , when we reach our destination. It feels amazing right . Because that was the day , when everything paid off and you are finally where you wanted to be and deserved to be.

Now just imagine reaching the destination without all these phases of the journey. Will you even be happy?

Yes, externally : No, internally .

There are no short-cuts. The fact that shortcuts are important to you means you never really cared.

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