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Why Rejection is important in one’s life?

Survive : Learn : Thrive

Has someone ever rejected you?

Yes, many a times. I probably answered my own question and I think I have answered this correctly. If you are an exception, I would love to listen to your story of leading a life which has never seen rejections.

We always have a habit of looking at the negatives more than positives, we see rejection with all the negativity and we enable it to cause an emotional wound which causes a deep scar. So,we must stop doing that and should look at the positive side of it .Once,you have the habit of looking at the other side of rejection,there is no one stopping you.

Rejection will be the one helping you succeed. Here is how?

Rejection,whether it is a big one ( getting rejected for a job ) or getting rejected by someone for any reason,it is bound to hurt but what you learn from it matters at the end. Rejection helps us to value the things we want to achieve and it forces us to push ourselves more in order to achieve that goal of ours.

Rejection fires up the same pain signals in us which we usually get while experiencing a physical pain and that according to Leary has helped humans survive in this world. He explains that in the ancient times, our ancestors would have died simply because they were being rejected to be a part of the clan.

Therefore the people who were sensitive to rejection and they took it as a signal to alter the way they behave before listening to a NO, would have been the ones who were likely to survive.

Present Times

So even today, Leary says, “rejection gets our attention and forces us to consider our social circumstances.

It’s the proof as to why we tend to feel more bothered by rejection, even, than by failure, Winch adds. Failure is very task-specific (we don’t complete a goal or achieve something), whereas there’s an interpersonal dynamic to rejection, he says.

It makes us stronger. When we are forced to deal with unexpected circumstances then we grow stronger and learn. If everything works, we do not learn anything.

Rejection is a signal that tells us to change our ways in order to survive and thrive.

My Living Lessons

Rejection gives the brain a signal to let go what happened and then follow the process :survive : learn : thrive.

Just imagine,if everything happens according to what we wish , happy moments would just feel ordinary. Ever in our life,there would have been no reason to celebrate.

We do not celebrate everyday, right? We celebrate the happy moments,especially when it is after a series of rejections.

I have lost the count on how many times I was rejected .

Locking myself up in the room when I was first rejected in a job interview. I did not talk to anyone during those times and that was dangerous.

Thought,there was nothing lacking from my end , did not learn anything !

Second time,when I was rejected in a job interview,again same thoughts : Felt like I was worthless.

Third time : Rejected again : Realized afterwards that I am worthy of getting what I deserve. I deserve that but every raw thing needs to get polished in order to be worth something. And that polishing was done using rejection and I have not looked back since then. Even the diamond is worthless without polishing.

Rejection is an inevitable part of our lives and we must learn to live and grow with this word ,we all are afraid of.

Rejection is the way to get things back on track. Keep learning from every moment you experience rejection.

Survive : Learn : Thrive is the mantra

My Living Lessons

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