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The Importance of being in the NOW ( Part 3 )

Here we come to the final part of how living in the NOW holds utmost important in our lives. Having covered part one and two previously,today I will be discussing one final part of our lesson.

So, today we will be discussing how you can set yourself free by continuously observing your thoughts and not judging yourself and your thoughts.

Aren’t we always afraid to be judged by other people?

In this process of thinking about how others think about us , we tend to never realize who our biggest judge is; Yes , you, yourself, but we are so concerned about what others think and never see what we think of ourselves.

A) Always focus on what am I going to think next?

So this strategy is built upon a concept of physics known as the quantum zeno effect. If you have studied physics, you probably know it, so why not apply this concept in science known as our life? Ever thought about it? Probably NO.

It says that you can freeze any system in its current state by regularly observing it. Asking yourself this question over and over will usually delay your actual next thought, thus giving you enough time to realize how much time you actually spend in autopilot mode. This way you can start interrupting your mind and thus separating from it.

Observe what are you going to think next and you will sense how , now you are able to live in the NOW.

The Living Lessons

This is a short and easy exercise , try to do it regularly and see a change.

B) Stop Judging your thoughts and urges.

The second method is meant to help you listen to your body and learn to accept the constant, nagging thoughts in your head, about what you should be doing or not doing. The next time you do wake up late for work, just listen to that voice that says “You should’ve done better!”, but don’t act on it. As a result ,Notice it, see it, accept that it’s there, but don’t give in to its advice.

Before worrying about what others think , first think what you think about yourself. If you are good at letting go what others think, let go off what you think of yourself as well.

My living Lessons

These two tools will help you separate your body from your always-on and thought-driven mind after which you’ll be in less pain because you resist the things you can’t change a lot less.

Living in the Present

Learn to live in the present, Believe or not you have to

Don’t waste time in thinking about the past and the future

Do realize , today is everything you need to do

Don’t leave your life to rupture

Every passing day is a series of present moments,

Now think , how many have you wasted; life’s not an endowment.

Yes, there will be sound of truth coming

May sound cunning,

Live everyday of your life as the last,

Whatever you want to do , do it today , if you don’t want your life to avast.

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