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The Importance of being in the NOW ( Part 2 )

Previously, We discussed about how life is a series of present moments and how understanding that plays a key role in helping us to be in the NOW.

Today, we will talk about The Pain and how Surrendering to the present moment makes you a winner .


Any pain which we experience is because of the things we can’t change or are not willing to change.

Eckart Tolle

The author states a point that pain is nothing but a result of your resistance to things you can’t change. The past and the future is being referred to here since , these are the two things which we can’t really alter.

Can you really change your past or your future?

Past is a result of things you did earlier in the present, that could have been changed but you could change that only in that particular moment but not now , same is the case with future.

Living in the present gives you the liberty to change things now only, rather than being disappointed by the other two uncontrollable factors which I previously mentioned.

For EX: Take a situation when you are angry because of something that happened ( Even 5 minutes before are described as a thing of past, because logically it is not the present moment) at that point in time, the mind takes control and pushes you into thinking when you already are in pain.

Then it pushes us to make irrational decisions and then makes the situation more worse. Because of this , its always said ,that we should never take any decisions in anger.

Now, if we would have been aware that it’s all in our head, would we let our mind take over? NO !

Because , we and our mind are two different identities , we are not our mind.


NOW, Talking about “Surrendering to the present moment”, I know you might be thinking , this is wrong . But let us try to understand this from author’s perspective.

Surrendering in this context, helps us to live in the NOW.

He describes it as going with the flow , rather than being against it , that is accepting present moment as it is.

Surrender , here doesn’t mean that you should give up and let the moment control and manipulate you.

It means that you are aware of what is happening so that you know when to say yes or no to anything. Self awareness is the key here .

Surrendering here means giving up on ruing about the past or being anxious about the future.

My Living Lessons

How to Surrender ?

Example: If you deal with some disease , you can choose to experience your disease one of two ways. 

  • You can think, “Again? This could last hours! Now my whole afternoon will be lost. And this is my third pain this month. What am I going to do with these awful pain plaguing me all the time?”
  • You can accept the present pain (and potentially temporary disability, in cases of extreme sensitivity to light and noise), and focus on breathing and getting through each moment. This is the path to how to surrender.

As per Eckhart Tolle, surrendering to the present won’t make the migraine go away, but it will alter your experience of it.

Do not surrender to the idea of illness or the identity of being sick. Since illness needs the context of past and future (otherwise it is reduced to symptoms), it engages your ego and takes you out of the present. 

Making an identity out of being sick does nothing to help you, it just keeps your focus on the unpleasantness and suffering.

  • Know that your illness has nothing to do with who you are. It does not define you in any way, despite what your ego tries to make you believe. Your true Being is unrelated to your physical body.
  • If you were to wake up tomorrow and find you were completely blind, would it change who you are? It would certainly affect how you experience the world, but it would not change your true self.

If you find yourself feeling defensive or upset by this, reflect on whether you may have taken on this illness as part of your identity. If so, your ego may be reacting to this questioning of your supposed identity. 

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